Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog To-Do List.

So I've had a few half ideas about good posting topics, but I keep forgetting them, so now I'm starting a list. I do love lists so...

-Lupus and the struggles that inevitably come with chronic illness.

-Inspiration and my never-ending search for it.

-Vegetarianism as identity, and when and how certain character traits suddenly become your Identity.

-My recent puzzling about gender and identity. 

-Fun things I'm learning in my Gender and Communications class.

-Tipping the Velvet: Why the book is amazing and why "tipping the velvet" is such a lovely phrase.

edit: -"Coraline" and feminism: I knew I should've been taking notes.

That is all. I'm heavily dosed with Nyquil, so it's time for bed. I will get cracking on my To Do list as soon as I have the chance.