Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kitty Karma

Let's rewind, shall we, to October 8th, 2007. I am awoken at 9 am by my roommate pounding on my door. "Anna, get down here. I found a kitten. She's freezing, I think she's blind, and I have no idea what to do with her. Help!" I stumble into the living room to find a tiny, scared kitten who is covered in fleas. Her eyes are swollen and crusted closed and the end of her tail is broken at a 45 degree angle. I skip class to take her to the vet and discover that this creature, at four weeks old (and runty, no less), wouldn't have lasted through the night had my roommate's dog not seen her. She's scrawny and hypothermic and the sweetest little kitten I've ever met.  

Today, Alice is a ninja. She's a beast. She's a wonderful creature with a great sense of humor and a generally sarcastic attitude. Pretty much, she's me, only a cat. And her broken tail? One of the most charming things about her. (That picture is Alice looking usual).

So, following my cat-karma, last night my roommates and I took in a stray cat who was outside, crying, and cold. He's absurdly sweet. One of the most affectionate cats I've ever encountered, although none too bright. He is reminiscent of my childhood pet in his sweetness and intellect. The part that I found...interesting, for lack of a better word, is that this new fellow has a bend in his tail, as though it's been broken, like Alice does.

(Here he is, sleeping on me as I study for finals, so sweet).